Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are we? Express started over a decade ago to give area youth a chance to come together to play basketball. We focus on skill development and teamwork at the youth level. We help those high school players interested at the next level find a home at a school that fits their academic and athletic needs. We also help those high school players who just want to help make their high school teams better!

How many teams are there?  Usually there are 1-2 teams at each grade level. Depending on interest at tryouts, if we can form multiple teams we will! We want to put as many players on the court as possible. We also like to group according to like skill level so athletes can get as much individual attention at practice and court time in games.

How long is the season? The season runs from March to late June early July.

Is there a fall season? This year there was a fall season for the youth due to the pandemic. If there is interest after this fall, we can continue this restarted tradition at the youth level.

Is there a winter season? Again, depending on interest at the youth level, there could be a winter season. We know this is time for our middle school athletes to play with their school teams and we know this is important! We have done some grade levels in the winter in the past.

Are there tryouts? Yes. There are tryouts usually the weekend following the Iowa Girls High School State Tournament. This puts tryouts usually the second weekend in March. Watch on our website, Facebook page and Twitter for announcements of when and where tryouts will be held!

Where are practices? Practices are usually held in area high school gyms. We have had to move to the Iowa West Fieldhouse because schools are not allowing any outside groups rent their facilities. Depending on the situation in the spring, we will update everyone with where practices are held.

Can the girls play other sports? ABSOLUTELY!!!! We highly encourage our athletes to participate in other sports besides basketball! This leads to well-rounded athletes! Studies have shown that participating in other sports leads to fewer overuse injuries.

What is the cost? The cost for the spring seasons runs usually about $800 to $875. The cost will also depend on practice facility availability due to schools not allowing outside groups in their facilities. The cost will be posted on the site before tryouts in the spring.

Where are the tournaments? For the youth teams, particularly the 4th and 5th, tournaments will be around the CB/Omaha area. The older youth teams may travel to other surrounding cities such as Des Moines or KC. The High School teams may have tournaments in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Ames. We like to have the tournaments set before tryouts so parents know the travel commitment.  The club likes to have our entire club tournament usually in Wichita or Minneapolis the second week in June. This would be the farthest youth would travel.

Can just girls from Iowa play? No. We have players from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota on our teams. Anyone who wants to play with us is welcome to tryouts!